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I spent two weeks

I spent 2 amazing weeks at Antigua Plaza. I have nothing, but good things to say about the school. I had 2 teachers Brenda and Lesvia all of which had definitely lots of experience with teaching Spanish. The teachers are also very flexible and can craft the material to your needs. My main goal was to focus on conversations, which worked out great for me. The boss of the school Ana is also an angel, and always makes sure that everyone is satisfied. I also almost never write reviews, but this time I really felt like, it's the least I can give back after studying here for 2 weeks and having such a great experience!

If I ever come back to Guatemala, Antigua Plaza would be my first choice for sure!

David Kujawiak August 24, 2018

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I highly recommend this school. Here’s why:

My 12 years old son and I attended the Antigua Plaza school from June 27 to July 1st, 2016. My goal was to catch up with my spanish, which was a bit far in my memory. As for Noah, I wanted an introduction to the language, so he'd be more prepared for his upcoming spanish classes at high school.

After this week, thanks to our classes and our immersion in Antigua, we had met these goals and I was able to think in spanish again - not to think in my first language first and then translate.

We each had a teacher with whom we had a variety of learning activities: conversation, grammar, exercices, games and a day out of school when we can practice in a less formal context. They also adapted the activities for us: me and my teacher were in another part of the garden so that my son is more at ease to speak without mom hearing what he says! We also had conversations and played games the four of us: our two teachers, my son and I.

The teachers, Elva and Aura, were highly competent, professional, friendly and helpful, adapted to our level and listening to our needs. With Elva, I learned a lot about life in Guatemala. Also, It is possible to continue the classes by Skype at home if we want to.

The school is small, which is perfect to get a personalized approach. Ana, the owner, is helpful and friendly. I appreciated the clarity and simplicity of our email exchanges (all in English) before we got there. Also, she doesn't ask for a deposit, which simplifies the inscription greatly.

Overall, we expected a relax and fun way to improve our spanish and we totally got that!

Myriam and Noah July 7, 2016

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I learned a lot at Antigua Plaza. Great teachers, central location, nice yard for lessons, and Ana was really helpful

Eric Goldberg May 6, 2016

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This is the best Spanish school in Antigua.

Ana is extremely accommodating, and the teachers became my friends. From the first day, Ana and Alma made me feel at home. I planned on only taking lessons for a couple of weeks but ended up taking them for 3 months - the friendly environment and perfect combination of fun and learning were too good to pass up. It's also a very intimate environment so you truly feel catered to. I'll remember my time at Antigua Plaza by the bursts of laughter you would hear from the teachers' huddle during breaks - they are the most fun (but efficient) group of women I've ever met. I can't wait to be back here and continue my Spanish lessons - I miss the laughs!! Thank you Antigua Plaza!!

Rachel Jacobs April 2, 2016

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Antigua Plaza Spanish School is amazing!!

It is so personalized and I felt like everyone there was a family. My teacher did a great job of mixing up time to learn grammar, time to have conversations, Spanish games every once in a while, and going on small field trips to learn about the culture and put what I was learning into practice. The school was very helpful in getting us connected with activities and giving suggestions on what to do/see around Antigua. It's very affordable and worth every bit!! So thankful to have gone to this Spanish school!

Annie Luckadoo March 31, 2016