About us

Antigua Plaza Spanish School

Our Mission

Antigua Plaza Spanish School provides personalized service to students that arrive from all over the world. We offer customized Spanish Immersion programs that adjust to their needs. We help them achieve their Spanish learning goals while enjoying a travel adventure in Guatemala.

We know that our students come to Antigua Guatemala to study Spanish and also to have a cultural experience that will make their trip a complete learning adventure.


 Our Vision

In Antigua Plaza we focus on creating an exceptional experience for students, providing a welcoming and friendly environment. Our main interest will show Antigua Plaza Spanish School as a wonderful choice for a Spanish Immersion Program. Because Antigua Guatemala can become a second home for them, we help them know our  town as much as possible. Our school values honesty, integrity, excellence and personalized service for everyone interested in studying Spanish with us.

We also value trust between our Spanish school and our students, so they know that we are an honest school for them to come back every time they wish to study Spanish in Antigua Guatemala.

Most of all, we are open to suggestions and try our best to accommodate our students with a teacher and a home stay adjusted to their needs.