Lessons & Homestay

At Antigua Plaza Spanish School, we know that immersion is essential to learning a new language. Our friendly Spanish instructors, Guatemalan home stay accommodations and cultural activities will enhance your learning experience to produce incomparable results, and one that you will never forget.

Spanish Lessons

There are many methods that can be used to teach Spanish as a second language. Each Spanish language student requires a program that is tailored to their individual personality and needs. Our teachers will work hand in hand to accommodate the specific level and preferred learning style of each student.

Our Spanish lessons are taught in a progression from conversation to grammar and a variety of other language related topics in a way that allows our students to have fun while learning Spanish.

With our customized method for learning Spanish, students will have an easier experience gaining a grasp on the language and will quickly be able to apply their new language skills to every day life in Antigua, Guatemala!

Home Stay accommodations

Our Guatemalan families have more than 10 years of experience hosting Spanish students, and they provide a welcoming environment for you to practice your Spanish. Take advantage of the opportunity to live with a local family that will show you their friendly way of life in Antigua Guatemala.

We do our best to find a home that is most suitable to your requests.

Remember that our goal is always to offer you the best options and service for your travel plans in Guatemala!