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  • Spanish lessons in the garden
    Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

We do our best for you to have fun while learning SPANISH in Antigua Guatemala!

The goal of Antigua Plaza Spanish School is to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment while assisting students through the exciting challenge of learning and practicing Spanish. We are a private Spanish school in Antigua Guatemala, offering customized one to one Spanish lessons that match the personal needs of each student and exceeds their expectations. Our Spanish teachers are experienced language instructors that tailor Spanish lessons to match the student’s level and personal goals.

Antigua Plaza Spanish school is one of the nicest Spanish Schools in Antigua Guatemala, located just 4 blocks from Central Park in a quiet and friendly neighborhood. The school is within walking distance of a variety of cultural and entertainment spots, as well as many restaurants, hotels, hostels, guesthouses.

Enjoy your Spanish lessons in a garden surrounded by different types of trees, flowers and plants.

Travel and Volunteer options available at Antigua Plaza Spanish School!

DonĀ“t miss out! We offer our expertise to help you find many things to do all around Antigua as well as other desirable travel destinations through out Guatemala, Mexico and Central America.

We also can help you plan your whole visit. If you are interested, your trip can include adventures and cultural experiences in the beautiful town of Antigua Guatemala, followed by further travels around Guatemala, where you can continue your Spanish language put into practice.

In addition, please contact us for information about volunteer opportunities in & around Antigua so we can help you find the best organization to suit your interests.